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9:40am 04-04-2018
Noella Angel
Hey K-T Foundation.

I’m 25 and from Australia and have kts in my right leg, pelvis and lower back. I was diagnosed by 6 and traveled to the USA for embolismsation treatments under Dr W Yakes In Colorado. I’ve made it to 95 treatment and still counting not that anyone of us lets that stop us. I’m a Para Dressage Rider and in the long term am working to wards the Paralympic. I would love to know what information handouts or information I can put out on my Facebook page. It recently come to me that I really should promote my condition and help other with it too. If you know of any organisations in Australia to that would be amazing to connect with them. Love seeing to stories and knowing we are not alone.
5:16am 12-05-2016
Im orn with KTS had had multiple DVTs in leg and lungs. 34yrs old single mum with two kids. live in Australia and not many people know what it is Doctors ask me to spell it and ask me what it is ...........
Spread the word ..................
5:16pm 08-27-2015
Willie Colby
Do you have like a information package to send to people. But im glad I found the site. It was very helpful. Thank you. Well also I new i had PWS. B i didnt know what was KTS but i do now because my Dr. told me i have that as well.
1:49pm 06-14-2013
Lisa Gamble
I just discovered this page today and am excited to see all that I can learn from it.
3:01am 05-24-2012
I just discovered this website today!! I I'm looking forward to checking out all there is to offer through the site! Thank you